Spicy Chorizo Hoop
Spicy Chorizo Hoop, 250g
    Spicy Chorizo Hoop
    Spicy Chorizo Hoop, 250g

    Spicy Chorizo Hoop, 250g

    Torre de Nunez
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    Authentic spicy chorizo from Galicia, - made only from Duroc pigs fed on a diet based on dry food and cereals and without any preservatives or artificial colours. Selected cuts, lean and belly pork are marinated with paprika De La Vera, salt and fresh garlic, to create this magnificent spicy chorizo sausage. This product is included in our IBERICA range, being a customer favourite due to its premium quality and excellent taste. Perfect for slicing and eating it as it is.


    • Spicy Chorizo from Duroc pigs
    • Intense aroma, spicy and firm texture
    • Cured for 30 days, Lugo
    • 250g, vacuum packed sausage
    Lean pork meat, streaky bacon, hot paprika, salt and natural garlic
    Curing Time
    1 month
    Gluten Free
    Lactose Free
    Colorants Free
    Preservatives Free
    Storage & Care
    Keep refrigerated below 7°C. Open the pack and keep it room temperature for at least 30 minutes before eating.
    Storage Type

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