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Cooking chorizo primera, 2kg

Cooking Chorizo Primera, 2kg

Embutidos Cerrillo
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Cooking chorizo made using the best cuts, seasoned with fresh garlic, oregano and smoked paprika. Left to settle for 2 days in dryers to dry out the excess of water resulting in a firm, juicy texture with a pleasingly meaty, tasty and mild flavour. This cooking chorizo can be sliced and fried or chopped and added to soups and stews or be enjoyed barbequed.


  • Cooking Chorizo from cereal-fed pigs
  • Smoky aroma, mild flavour, juicy texture
  • Air-dried for 2 days, La Rioja
  • 2kg, vacuum packed

Lean pork meat and belly, paprika, salt and natural garlic.
Curing Time
2 days
Storage & Care
Keep refrigerated below 5°C.
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