If you are holding your own party or event, our Spanish master carver is available to hand-carve the ham of your choice at your venue.

Iberica offers authentic and traditional Spanish ham carving for a range of events you may hold like trade fairs, meetings, seminars, weddings and birthdays.

Ham carving would be a surprising part of your event and it will make it unforgettable and a pleasant experience thanks to both the quality of our authentic hams and the visual fest our ham carving master presents.

We will start carving 1 hour before your event begins and ham carving takes 3 hours per ham on average.

Our carving service prices are for hams purchased from Iberica. Please, see ham range here.

Did you know?

Carving ham is an art in itself that takes years of practice and experience to learn; the correct cut of ham can transform a simple tasting of ham into something extraordinary, with the flavours and aromas of the ham brought out by the correct cutting of the piece. This creates great theatre and is a delicious way to enjoy our range of Ibérico and Serrano hams.

  • Iberico Bellota Hams
  • Serrano Hams

£180 per ham, plus additional travel cost depending on location.

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