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Vichy Catalan Spanish Mineral Sparkling Water 0.5l

Vichy Catalan Spanish Mineral Sparkling Water, 50cl

Vichy Catalan
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Vichy Catalan Spanish Sparkling mineral water, both a source of good health and essence of Spanish culture. Natural, with a high mineral content and an unique taste, Vichy Catalan is a premium water packed with minerals which makes it so popular around the world. Established in 1991, this sparkling mineral water is unlike other, containing 27 of the 34 minerals that the human body needs for a good health. Vichy Catalan is widely used in fine dining restaurants, paired with fatty cuts of red meat or hard cheeses. From keeping you hydrated, strengthening your bones, helping your digestive system, even improving cholesterol levels, Vichy Catalan is one of the best mineral-medicinal waters in the world - one of Spain's treasures.

  • Vichy Catalan Naturally Sparkling Water
  • Contains 27 out of 34 minerals for good health
  • Gerona, Spain
  • 50cl glass bottle

Storage & Care
Store in a cool dry place away from direct light.
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