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Enamelled Paella Pan, for induction hobs, 34cm

Enamelled Steel Paella Pan, 34cm

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The perfect paella pan for your induction, electric or AGA hob. A low maintanance addition to your cookware, suitable for cooking paellas or morning fry-ups. The easiest way to clean it is to fill the pan with soapy water for at least one hour which will soften the stuck food. Afterwards wash the pan with detergent and hot water, or put it in the dishwasher. When using the pan on ceramic or induction hobs, always lift them before moving, to avoid damaging the surface.


  • Enamelled Paella Pan
  • 16 tapas serving size for 8 courses
  • Suitable for paella gas burners, open fire, induction, electric or AGA hobs
  • Authentic Paella Pan from Valencia
  • 34cm diameter

Storage & Care
Store in a cool, dry place. The pan is maintenance free, with no special cleaning required.
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