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Polished Steel Paella Pan, 28cm

Polished Steel Paella Pan

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Polished Steel Paella pan from Valencia - home of this iconic Spanish dish - ideal to cook the perfect paella. It allows the rice to be cooked at the right speed and temperature to prevent it from burning and giving it an improved texture and homogeneous flavour. It can be used on hobs, on open fires, on BBQs and in ovens. Before the first use, you'll need to wash it well to remove the manufacturer's special anti-rust coating. You can do this with hot soapy water.


  • Reinforced handle
  • Polished Steel Paella Pan
  • Can be used on hobs, open fires, BBQs and in ovens

Storage & Care
Store in a cool, dry place. Please ensure that you wash and fully dry it after use - and store with a thin coating of olive oil. This seals the surface to prevent rusting.
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