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This Spanish sangria served at a party is easy to prepare, your guests will delight in the wine-flavoured apple and pear chunks remaining in their cups after their sangria has vanished.

Recipe method:

  1. Put the wine in a large pitcher and mix it well.
  2. Add the juice of one lemon to the wine.
  3. Sliced crosswise one lemon and half of the orange.
  4. Add the orange and the other lemon slices to the wine.
  5. Dice the pear and the apple.
  6. Add the pear, apple, sugar and cinnamon to the mixture, and allow to stand for 2-3 hours to fully absorb the flavour.
  7. Finally, mix it well and serve with ice.

Ingredients & Quantities:
1 bottle (75cl) of red wine
1/2 litre of soda (or sprite)
2 lemons
1/2 orange
1 pear
1 apple
5 spoons of brown sugar
1/2 spoon of cinnamon
Ice Cubes

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