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Pisto Manchego is a traditional fried vegetables dish, often accompanied with fried egg or sausages.

Recipe method:

  1. Chop the onion, wash the peppers, open them with a knife out the top and scrape the seeds, so they are perfectly clean. Then, cut them into small pieces or strips.
  2. Pour olive oil in a saucepan and bring it to medium heat. Start sautéing onions, simmering them and then the peppers, add salt and stir them with a wooden spoon to prevent burning.
  3. Cut courgettes into cubes and add to the pan when the onion and pepper are half done. When the vegetables are soft, add the tomatoes.
  4. Fry all the vegetables and simmer for a few minutes, so the mixture takes in all the flavours. Continue stirring occasionally.
  5. It’s quite common to serve Pisto Manchego with fried egg, but this recipe can also be used as a side dish and eaten both hot and cold

Ingredients & Quantities:
2 medium courgettes
3 green peppers
1 red pepper
1 kg of ripe tomatoes
1 onion
3 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive oil
2 pinch salt

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