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How we work

We offer the best quality products, produced in the best way, offering the best service we can to our customers. We look to proactively manage our future and adapt our offering.


Where possible we look to:

• Minimise CO2 emissions, by collating our products in Spain in one central location, before shipping them to the UK

• Minimise packaging, most wrappers are recyclable and / or biodegradable

• Guarantee our animals welfare is protected We are committed to furthering sustainable agriculture and work closely with our providers to encourage them to use organic farming when possible. We also support the Friends of the Earth organisation to help combat climate change and prevent mass extinction.

Our service

• We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service, and are proud of our reputation of taking an authentic, honest, and sincere approach

• We price our food fairly and competitively

Our products

• We only offer top quality products, which are authentic Spanish cuisine

• Most of our products use only natural ingredients and when possible, we offer organic

• We promote a balanced Mediterranean diet, renowned for its health benefits

• We know where our food comes from, knowing all of our suppliers personally

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