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Health benefits - Types of olive oil

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Olive oil is one of the culinary treasures of Spain and a basic food of the Mediterranean diet. Its exquisiteness, aroma and flavour give a touch of class when preparing a dish and in this way, olive oil occupies a place of honour among the ingredients used by prestigious chefs.

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and beta-carotene, beneficial in preventing cardio-circulatory diseases and cancer, and to relieve arthritis and slows aging. The combination of oleic acid and vitamin E helps improve the appearance of the skin while protecting and regulating digestive functions. In short its fat is one of the healthiest for the organism. (Aceitedeoliva.com)

Dr. Luis Alonso Pulpón, honorary president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, emphasizes the importance of olive oil in a healthy and balanced diet, stressing food as key in preventing heart disease. He leads by example and his favourite breakfast is toast spread with oil. (Lavozlibre.com) Spain is by far the largest producer of olive oil. From Iberica Delights our experts do a thorough job of selecting the best oils from our country. Therefore we choose only oils of the highest range: Extra virgin olive oils, made from fruit in perfect condition, aroma and flavour, maintaining all of its nutrients, and aged carefully in a perfect harmony between climate and temperature.

Types of olive oils:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is synonymous of top quality. It is one that conserves all its sensory and health properties. It is the olive juice from the first pressing with no additives or preservatives, and must have an acidity less than 0.8% and present a pleasant and identifiable sensory characteristic.

Virgin Olive Oil, without the word - Extra - is still olive juice with no additives or preservatives but it has lower sensory characteristics. Its acidity must be less than 2%. It comes from the second pressing.

Olive Oil that is not referenced as - Virgin - is a lower quality oil being the result of mixtures of refined oils and virgin oils.

Olive Pomace Oil is the result of mixing refined Olive Pomace oil and Olive oil. It must have an acidity of not more than 1%.

By Iberica Spanish Food - Brighton.

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